Feel the Love After the Big Day

 Keep the romance alive and continue to feel the love after your wedding day

The day of your wedding is a beautiful day. Your family and friends gather around you, share words of wisdom through a microphone, hug you and tell you congratulations, and post sweet sayings to your Facebook page. However, here are a few ways that you can feel the love even after your wedding day is over. 

Set up a station where guests can write their advice for you. Little cards or tags like this can be created custom to fit your wedding by a designer, or they can be found on Etsy. There are unique ways you can design them to make them unique, but no matter how unique they are, they will surely be a heart warming sentiment to have after its all said and done.  Charming Tree Design has a collection of advice cards on Etsy, you can find them here!

 Charming Tree Design's Advice Card for the Bride and Groom

Charming Tree Design's Advice Card for the Bride and Groom

Put together small pieces of paper that can be rolled up or folded, a jar of some type that can be sealed, and ask for your guests to write something on it for you. On your one year anniversary, sit down together and read these notes as you eat your top layer of cake you saved and make a date out of it. You'll be surrounded by the wedding moment all over again.

DIY or order a canvas where all of your guests say write a little bit of advice for the happy couple. At my wedding, we had a canvas with various sized hearts where the guests could write to us. Afterwards, we hung it on our wall and not only could we see the words of love everyday, but our guests could read it when they visited as well. 

This one is one of my favorite ways to feel that love all over. Put together a christmas ornament making table. Have a large table with clear ornaments (you can find these at Michaels and Walmart around the holidays- buy a year early), you can get popsicle sticks, and have photographs printed, all laying out on the table. Have a sign that asks your guests to help you decorate your first christmas tree as a married couple. As your guests decorate ornaments, you will have several ornaments to hang on your christmas tree, all made with love by family. This takes the meaning of love surrounding the season to an entire new level. 

No matter what you do, the day is special. The love that your family and friends have for you is incredible, and they will be happy to share it with you on your big day!

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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