Four Most Unique Wedding Venues

 Discover some of the most unique wedding venues in the world and start Planning Your destination wedding.

When you are planning a wedding the venue is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Your venue represents your style and taste as a couple. I have narrowed the list down to 4 of the most unique wedding venues in the United States.

The first on the list is Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii. This place was once a sugar plantation, but to look at it now you wouldn’t know it. Beautiful vines and chandeliers hang around the dining areas that give it a romantic feel! This romantic place even comes with its own perfume as jasmine and gardenias surround the property. 

 Jana Dillon Photography

Jana Dillon Photography

One of the most unique and romantic places on this list is Tree house point in Issaquah, Washington. If you have dreamed of an outdoor wedding, than this is the place for you! This place has grand tree houses built into the treetops of the forest. Imagine the photographs you could get coming down the staircases in the middle of the forest. Your white gown against the greenery would make some unique photographs. Another great feature about this place is that you can stay overnight here. Can you imagine spending the night with your love above the tree tops?

 Amanda Lloyd of Lloyd Photography

Amanda Lloyd of Lloyd Photography

Another place that makes it on the list is Union Hill Inn in Sonora, California. If you love rustic then this is your place. This place has a sweet charm about it that would please every bride and groom. A unique feature about this place is that it has a beautiful fireplace outside that makes a great spot for your pictures. Since this place isn’t that far from Lake Tahoe, you could be very close to a beautiful honeymoon spot right over the water!

Would you like to get married on top of the world? This last venue on the list is Malibu Rocky Oaks in Malibu, California and it is amazing! The view alone of the Santa Monica Mountains would be worth the flight out there. Just imagine a full 360 degree view of the mountains as you are getting married. The ceremony takes place on a helipad, surrounded by vineyards, and the tables are lined to overlook the mountain side. On your wedding day you should feel like you are on top of the world so why not actually be?

I hope that this list helps you find a unique venue that suits you. Whether you want a rustic wedding, an exotic wedding, or a wedding in the treetops your day will be special no matter what! 

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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