Perfect Menu for Fall/Winter Weddings

 From appetizers to dessert - plan your perfect menu for your fall and winter weddings

We are about to chat about a special topic that I am absolutely obsessed with, as are many others. Food

When you go to a wedding you look forward to what you are going to eat. When you go home and tell people about a wedding you attended, most times you say two things; it was beautiful, and you comment on how the food was: good or bad. We can all honestly say that we want people to walk away talking about how amazing the food was at your wedding. I've got a trick for you if you're having a fall or winter wedding. Soup and gravy. If you have these two things, you are guaranteed to win over the crowd. 

Soup and gravy are absolute must haves on a wedding menu at this time of year. As their body is shivering with chills from the cool crisp air, you give them a cup of soup or something smothered in gravy and they will warm their hearts. (pun intended) We all know that feeling; it's absolutely freezing and you eat/drink something warm and you literally warm up from head to toe. So, lets talk about some of the top food items for a fall/winter wedding. We have established the importance of soup and anything covered in gravy, but you need more than that to please your crowd. 

Lets jump right in to the best part. Or parts i should say. These can be used during cocktail hour or dessert, but if none of these are on your menu, your guests are missing out!

Hot chocolate bar - Lets be real for a second, no matter who you are, you want hot chocolate during those cold winter months. Give the people what they want!

Smore's Bar - Three tiers of trays... graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hersey's. YES!

Chocolate Pudding Shooters - Toss a dollop of whipped cream and a mini vanilla wafer and you've got yourself a dessert that everyone will love.

Assorted Cookies - We all know the ones that we got to make with Grandma every year! Yes! Those! Get some and put them on a fancy tray, and you've got goodies!

Apple cider is also a must. Seriously. A stick of cinnamon and warm cider= PERFECTION!

Now, lets talk about appetizers that are a little more versatile.

Salad Bar - Make sure you have the basics covered, and everyone is happy!

Veggie Tray - Some people are vegetarian and some just like light snacks.

Soup Shooters - You can do one type of soup or several. Tomato bisque is my personal fave!

Macaroni & Cheese - Enough said.

Asparagus - Even though some people aren't a big fan, you can WOO the people who are with some garlic butter sauce on top!

 Broccoli & cheese - Warm and cheesy, once again, perfect for the cold months

Mashed Potatoes and gravy - GRAVYY!!!

Lets chat about the main course now....

Pulled pork - No matter how you make it, warm pulled pork is just golden!

Roast  - Made with potatoes and carrots or slathered in gravy, either way, it's good.

Honey Ham - It's that time of the year, everyone loves a good honey ham.

Turkey - Smother it in gravy and you'll be amazed at how many people brag about this one to everyone after the wedding!

Italian - pasta varieties are great- lasagna, baked ziti, etc.

Mexican - Taco Bar-again, enough said!!!

Even with a main course, you need sides...

Baked potato - I can't say this enough- warm and cheesy always wins. But smothered in gravy works too. Warm and delicious is the key.

Brussel sprouts - Although everyone doesn't love it, it's a great warm choice!

Corn on the cob - Smother it in butter and garlic and you'll be in love.

Now, that is a pretty extensive list. However, these are my favorite fall/winter wedding menu items and you are sure to love them too. Most of them are warm, some cheesy, all delicious and perfect for the chilly weather! 

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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