The Importance of a Wedding Photographer

 learn why it's important to hire a wedding photographer

Sometimes a photographer may not be in your budget. You may have someone in your family who claims to have a cell phone and can take shots for you. Trust me, this is an important topic that you are going to want to think about. 

Photographers are expensive, however, they have put many hours into their field to gain the expertise and knowledge that you will need. Photographers are trained to take beautiful photographs for you; many photographers go to workshops, watch webinars, and go through hours of trial and error to perfect their art. 

You only get one wedding day, you will want to make sure that you have someone who is properly qualified to take the photos. Although you may find have a cousin who can do it with her cell phone for free, what happens if they forget those major shots that you need?  It's worth the investment to hire a good photographer who has done several weddings. 

If saving money is crucial for your big day, here are a few tips to save money so that you can afford beautiful photography that you can cherish forever: 

  • Look at several areas of the wedding and see where you can cut corners

  • Even having $300 can hire a slightly qualified person versus someone with no experience

  • Look on your local buy/sale/trade groups and community groups and ask for recomendations on affordable wedding photographers

  • Barter if possible. If you have a skill or service you can offer, try to reach out to photographers in the area and see if they would be interested in a trade

  • If all else fails, find someone who needs experience or is just starting out 

  • Although it won't be top notch quality, chances are, someone just starting out that charges little to nothing, will have done research and practice with photography already.  Check your local Craigslist for people.

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done all you will have is photographs and memories. Weddings are a busy occasion and we often miss so many details and things that happen because we are so caught up in the moment. Trust a photographer to capture those moments and freeze them in time. The money will be worth the forever cherished photographs you will have. 

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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