The Wedding Day Emergency Kit

 the Ultimate wedding day emergency kit - pin to reference when you put together your kit

A wedding is a special day, and that much we know. But some of us forget that just like any other day, emergencies CAN happen. Make sure you are the bride prepared for anything that could happen on your special day. I have put together a DIY emergency kit that you can have your bridesmaids help you put together, but its also so simple you can do solo! 

So before we get into the fun stuff like hair and makeup emergency items, we have to talk about the sometimes embarrassing, but always necessary items to have in your emergency kit. I have prioritized these from importance (greatest to least). 

  • Tampons/Pads
  • Pain Relievers - If you don't get a headache, someone else may!
  • Pepto-Bismol - Maybe the food doesn't agree with you, and who wants no Pepto when that happens?!
  • Deodorant 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Bug Spray - This is mostly for outdoor weddings, but if any part of the wedding or the afterparty is outdoors, you won't want to forget this
  • Band-Aids
  • Sunscreen
  • Perfume

Okay, so that is it for the super embarrassing things that are necessary in an emergency kit. Now, lets get to something a little less embarrassing, but still not as fun as hair and makeup. 

  • Sewing kit - rips have happened at nearly every wedding I've ever been to
  • Safety Pins 
  • Clear Nail Polish - I brought my entire nail polish kit for touch ups
  • Super glue - things sometimes fall apart, especially if they were DIY
  • Lint Roller - We don't want grandma walking down the aisle with fuzz all over her. Or worse, your puppy wouldn't stop jumping off of the groom once he got in his tux. Lets be prepared for puppies and lint!
  • Tide pen - Receptions can get fun and we don't think about things, but if you wanna sell that dress later or even preserve it for your daughter, you won't want red wine to be the highlight of the dress!

Okay bride to be, are you ready for the fun stuff? I am talking SUPER fun: HAIR AND MAKEUP! Woot Woot! This is my favorite part, and I am so excited to make this part of the checklist for you. 

  • Bobby pins - I can't tell you how important these are to have for the entire party
  • Extra hair ties - Even if you spent $200 on that hair do, when it comes time to dance, you may just wanna throw your hair in a ponytail!
  • Comb/Hairbrush - Those fly aways can get bad. And if you decide on a ponytail, you may need a brush or comb to make it happen!
  • Curling Iron - Humidity can totally ruin your curled hair if you aren't prepared.  Don't let your hair fall flat without a way to fix it.
  • Hairspray 
  • Foundation - sometimes it wears off after a good sweaty day
  • Powder - Great for touch ups, especially if you're in the sun
  • Blotting sheets - These are perfect for pulling the oil off of your face when you've been sweating too much. Dancing can get INTENSE!
  • Chapstick 
  • Lipgloss
  • Nail File - I seriously broke a nail at my wedding and regretted not having this!
  • Tissues - Girl, you might cry, and what's worse than ugly cry face? Ugly cry face with mascara and tears all over it. Have these to clean yourself up!
  • Mirror - A pocket mirror will do, but as long as you can check and make sure you are still put together after a good sweat, a good cry, or just to check.

This was an incredibly fun list to make. There are seriously so many things to think about when it comes down to your big day, and we often forget the little things. So I hope this checklist has helped you put together your own DIY emergency wedding kit. 

Now, if you don't time the time to put together your own DIY emergency wedding kit, I have took the time to search on Etsy and find one that is just is good (if not a teensy bit better!). You can follow the link below to find that one! 

Click here to find the kit by ThePartyGirl on Etsy!

 Photo Credit: byThePartyGirl on Etsy

Photo Credit: byThePartyGirl on Etsy

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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