Top Tips to Fit into Your Wedding Dress

One of the most stressful parts of planning the wedding is figuring out how to achieve the body that you desire. As a woman, we all want to be thinner for that big day; it's in our nature. Well at least I sure do and I know my entire group of friends were like that as well. I am about to share my top tips on achieving your dream body for your dream day! 

 Here are some of the best tips for trying to lose weight and get in shape before your wedding day.  

Cut the carbs and replace them- I know I know, this is the hardest thing ever. Carbs are in practically everything these days and they are so hard to cut out, but it is VERY possible. Before I replaced my carbs, I didn't realize how absolutely delicious carb free food could be. I do small things such as replacing angel hair pasta with spaghetti squash. I can then have guilt free spaghetti. Also, I make cauliflower crust for my pizza and never feel like I overindulged after 6 slices. Once you cut carbs you will notice your waistline thinning and you will feel much better throughout your day.

Get rid of all of the sweets in your house, and don't even buy them for your fiance or children. I know this one is hard because everyone has to pay for your beauty, but if they love you, they will do it. Well, thats what I told my fiance at the time, and it worked. We got rid of every cookie in our house (which if you know me, you know how hard this was), and I bought zero sweets until the wedding day passed. And unfortunately, I went back to sweets. This method is NOT a long term one like cutting carbs. 

DO NOT HAVE CHEAT DAYS!!! This is the single most helpful tip that I can give you. Everyone always says when you are trying to get in shape, "have cheat days on the weekends". Unfortunately, all that does is tease you, and often gets you back into indulging in the bad habit that you are trying to avoid. Therefore, avoid the cheat days all together. Think about your end goal and you will get through it. 

Cut back on drinking soda as much as possible. This was the absolutely, hands down, hardest nutrition goal of mine. I am what you call a soda addict, and I cannot help but drink at least one a day, most days more. Months before my wedding I cut out the soda, and I seriously noticed a huge impact in my thirst patterns. I was no longer thirsty all of the time, I had more energy, and I was overall just more hydrated and ready for what life threw at me. I attribute this to the water because it is the one thing that I continued to do once the wedding was over, and the feeling of energy is fulfillment are still there.

Develop a quick workout that you can do even on your busiest days, and from anywhere you go. As someone who travels full time, I have to have a routine that can be done in forests, on the beach, and most importantly, in our home. Therefore, I have put together a routine I can do even on my busiest days of the week. I have put together a 10 minute yoga routine that was meant to tighten and tone my stomach, and man has it done the trick. 

These are some of my best kept secrets on how I fit into my wedding dress, toned my body, and set myself up for living a happy, healthy marriage. Many of the tricks stuck with me after the wedding was over, and they shaped my lifestyle into what it is today. Trust me when I say that the first week is the hardest. You are replacing your food, your drinks, and even working out now. This is a very hard change to make, but when you think about the end result, it will make it easier. Just think about walking down the aisle and your cousins who haven't seen you in three years will "oohh" and " ahhh" over how stunning you look. I know its hard, but you can do it! 

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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