How to Personalize Your Wedding

 Fun ways to Personalize Your Wedding

1. Cups/Mugs- Have you seen those plastic cups that everyone has in their homes? You know, the ones that probably have a business name on them of some sorts? Well you can find those sturdy plastic cups all over the internet, but you could have the option of personalizing them! Your guests can enjoy their drinks in a personalized cup or have it as a wedding favor to take home. They'll cherish it forever.

2. You can get custom games/corn hole boards- Corn hole is a huge game that people play at weddings. If you are more of a board game person, you can even get those made just for you. Your name will be plastered in all of those candid photos your friends post playing your wedding game. 

3. Guest book- You can get gorgeous custom guest books with your name, date, and last name on them. You can customize them to your color as well. Even take one step up and have a designer create a custom guest book for you to fit your wedding. 

4. Thank you cards- Even though the wedding itself is over, leaving your mark on your guests doesn't have to be. Ditch the $5 Walmart thank you cards and have a designer create custom thank you cards with your colors, your flowers, and your names right on them. When your third cousin hangs it on her fridge, all of her friends will walk by in awe when they see how gorgeous and unique it is! 

5. Cake topper- I know this isn't a popular one, but even more reason to do it. You can find custom cake toppers all over the internet at a very reasonable price. Add in your soon to be last name and details from your wedding venue and you've got the most unique piece ever. They are high quality and will leave your guests snapping photos all day.

6.  Favor Tags-  A fun way to add a personal touch is to have custom tags created for your favors.  There are all sorts of options available on Etsy and around the internet.  Charming Tree Design has a full line of tags including some specifically for S'more Kits.  Have an idea, but can't seem to find exactly what you are looking for?  Custom designs are available as well.  Browse the collection here!

No matter what you decide to do on your wedding day, customizing the details is very easy, and very affordable.  Using Etsy, a designer, and the handy dandy internet, you can have a unique wedding that no one will forget! 

Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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