Five Wedding Decisions To Make First

 The top Five wedding decisions to make first

While the flowers, the dress, and the food are all fun topics to dive into, there are a few things that you need to decide on before you get into all of that.

A wedding has so many details, but before working out the details you need to build a solid foundation for everything to work around. Once you have these base decisions put into place, you can then decide on all of the fun things.

1. Indoor or Outdoor- One of the hardest questions for some is the one you need to ask first; do you want your wedding to be indoors or outdoors. Some ladies know that they want to do it in the church they attend, but for others, they may be on the fence between a church wedding, a barn wedding, or a beach wedding. There are so many options when it comes to this, but ultimately, it comes down to indoor or outdoor.

2. Venue- Now that you have the first big thing picked out, you need to think about venues. You may want to think about a possible budget for this, but some locations may not cost you a dime. Especially if you are having a church wedding, they just ask for a donation. Throw $100 their way and they are happy to hand over the premises for your special day. There are many different types of venues for different budgets and price ranges. It's important that you pick one that you love, but also chose one that fits the time of year and your budget as well. After all you don't want a beach wedding in December that costs half of your entire wedding budget.

3. Speaking of budget- This is the hardest part about the wedding sometimes. You need to figure out if parents are helping cover costs, what your total cost is, and then break it all down. It's helpful if you make a list of things you'd like to spend more money on and then things you don't mind being frugal on. This way, you can sit down and write out what your budget needs to be for the dress, flowers, etc. Write it all out and the actual planning part will be much easier.

4.  Theme- Decide if you want a theme for your special day. Some people do them based on the season. For example, some winter weddings do "winter wonderland", fall weddings do fall theme, etc.  Some people even do it based on movies that they love. So it's up to you if you have a theme or not, but it could really spice things up and make your wedding unique.

5. Colors- Last but not least, colors. You need to decide on what colors you want to use for the wedding so you can start thinking about flowers, decor, dresses, food display, etc.

Once you get these basic things down, you can start doing all of the fun things.  If you try to jump into the fun things first, you will keep having to go back to these basics and figure them out. So grab your notebook, grab your fiance, and write down your decisions on these 5 things, RIGHT NOW.

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Written and composed by Tabitha Paganelli

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