What to do when you feel uninspired

Everyone has off days.  Sometimes it's due to outside distractions or just plain laziness, but a lot of the time it is due to feeling empty and uninspired.  If you are feeling empty and uninspired, there are a few things you can do to help you get back on track and get your creativity back. Over the past few days I have felt very blocked.  This happens to all creative people, whether they are writers, designers, or crafters.  Unfortunately, you can't force creativity.  I have all these ideas and am so excited for the new direction I want to take my business in, however, whenever I sat down at the computer to work on something, I just couldn't seem to come up with anything worthwhile.  I tried to create a video tutorial and a new design for my Etsy shop, and neither one was working out.  So, what can you do when you feel like nothing is going the way you had planned?  Below are a few tips I came up with while dealing with my "off" days this week.

Get off of the computer and go do something else.  When I'm feeling uninspired, the worst thing I can do is sit there and force myself to be creative.  If I have something else I need to do that day, such as folding laundry or cleaning the house, I will get up and do that instead.  Then, if I feel up to it, I will come back to my computer and try again.  If I'm still not feeling it, I will turn it off and try again the next day.  The important thing is not to get down about it.  Some days are just going to be like that.  Some days are super productive, other days aren't.

Listen to a podcast or read a book.  Another thing I like to do when I have a lack of motivation is to listen to my favorite podcasts or read a good book.  It doesn't take long to get me excited again and thinking about my next projects.  It doesn't have to be a book or podcast that relates to your business, inspiration can come from anywhere.

Think like a child.  As we get older, we don't tap into our imagination as often anymore.  Kids use their imagination all the time, and it is without restrictions and limitations.  They don't think about the money, time or resources needed.  They can easily turn a box into an imaginary car or a house while playing.  Next time you brainstorm, try not to get hung up on why something might not work.  Be free with your thoughts and write it all down.  You never know what might come of this kind of free thinking.  Thinking like a child can help you to come up with better, more creative ideas.

Step away from your niche.  Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all the info out there on starting a blog or tips for starting a business.  While there is a lot of great info out there, sometimes too much of it can be a bad thing.  I find it useful to take a step back and read up on other industries or topics I'm interested in.  You can find inspiration all around you.  It's good to explore other areas of interest and not focus on just one thing.

And lastly... Don't get down on yourself if you're just not feeling it.  Know that it will pass and you will be back on track in no time.  Taking a step away sometimes can refresh your mind and energize you.  Know that you will come back full force and ready to tackle all your projects before you know it.  It happens to everyone at some point.  The most important thing is that you don't give up and you keep going.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?